Progress of the days passed

Progress of the days passed

On paper, the attack had absolutely nothing. It was just another day in the office, a lightning operation that took the couple of survivors almost to heart, with the aplomb and the reluctance of those who play life every day and not as routine don’t see. Here and there, the impromptu of the plan did not seem to be the threat of the rubbish bins or the door of the old mechanic’s workshop, but it was so: Boozer descended to the motorcycle still working, and Diaken benefited from the confusion of sneaking through the backyard, a rusty padlock, and getting the gas pump they needed so urgently. If it doesn’t sound very fast, it’s because it wasn’t, although it wasn’t the opposite; It was from the player’s point of view a common place that was performed with some grace and a round of the same as always playing to mix stealth, white marks and squat runs. to the enemy’s unprotected livestock. It was more of the same, until we got our hands dirty.

It happened a few seconds later after we gave some zombies (the game calls them freakers, but we understand each other) that move outside the complex without the purpose and the meter we from the first ship, with tension, but also with the certainty that the distances were calculated and in the background it was a harmless labyrinth for mice. Nothing in the circle filled with beginner players was prepared to really bother, and you know what they are saying about lowering the wait. We saw it in the distance, and did not want to believe it, when its bow paws scarcely guessed that & # 39; a little head was sticking out of the roof and happened the same seconds later when he ran to us with his eyes that injected with blood and the instinct of survival its work. Judging by the shorts, the printed shirt and the bodybuilding of the tiny body that ultimately lies unconscious before us, should not be more than seven years at the time of infection.

It was durillo, I won’t deny it. Not for the sake of the victim, tell me but before anyone speaks to me about virtual violence and many pixels, I would like to say that I think there is something inherently good to let us shoot, virtual or not. I’m looking for, just surprise or value. Few video games will dare so much to set a tone (of this budget almost none), and at the eyes of the knot in the stomach I will dare to speak of almost sounding success. If I decided to start here, for this anecdotal death, for the small body that may be lost among the flooded bodies announced, it’s because I believe the real value of the game lies there. In the crook, in the cruel, in a pessimism that reaches the bone and almost suicidal indolence that indicates the reaction of Diaken himself to the event. Tadpole, I swear I would call him, watching and picking a bottle on the floor. Well, I know things are being tied up.

This doesn’t always happen, as there are also battles against Molotov bears in hand and crazy races against helicopters who want to save some of that sentiment from the overseas spectacle that has led to so many unfavorable comparisons. Days Gone does not always forget that it should be a wonderful game, but when it is possible to be and go unpleasant game is a survival simulator that you must survive. not so much depends on bursts as on your friend do not lower your arm, that is when you get real sense. Especially because he does this with a certain class, without falling into morbidity or sensation, sowing small depths in the way a man reminds you that you promised to kill him. when left in the forest and approaching or in The five dry poultices at chest height with which Deacon gets rid of a man trying to assault him on the road. Here’s not life worth a pepper, and the Slvese that can lead to situations and dynamics that go far beyond the average apocalyptic sandbox and, as always, human nature at an improved leave place. It’s always an interesting read, anyway: if some guys decide to conspire together to crack your neck while you sleep and force your camp, kill them all, but You understand it.

As deca is not the only stories that Days Gone tells, although I’m afraid this is the one that interests me most for the moment. From his love story, I find it hard to say the same, but I don’t share the blush about a recent promotion. What do you want me to say, I find it hard to be objective with people who insist on loving each other when everything goes to hell. In addition, I love her a lot, and after a few hours of deacon, I find it hard to find her a certain character; A prefabricated charisma, of course. Like everyone. Deacon wants to be a mole and be a scam, want a romance that shows its sensitive side and loosens the lagrimilla and especially wants to sell a copy of it, but among all the flashbacks and the looks may not be as much as in that title in which we all think, but truly. I don’t know, I suppose I just want them to do well, and I’m sometimes excited.

But Days Gone not only speaks of love, or at least love loves it as promises and exchanges rings. Because Days Gone is also a friend movie, the story of a couple of very rude guys who have always cared for each other and who have faced the apocalypse, just get the road to caring for one another. From how both stories cut, I think it would be risky to talk, but I would like to do it from its structure, and from a rather ingenious solution that will come together with the calling of narrative play, of great adventure of action, of film, with the multiple focal points of attention and freedom that requires a framework that is essentially that of the open world of manual. The storylines therefore work as a kind of large-scale secondary schools that allow us to organize the Deacon’s agenda around different arguments, our priority will be: the issues related to our girlfriend, with Boozer, about the truth find out some factions (mind the crazies honoring the zombies and the letters RIP on their foreheads, a bastard championship), caring for the camp … Some of these bows are shorter and others include many intermediate goals in, but save even more commissions punctually like lighting a certain number of nests, is the idea to break with the classic linearity of this kind of adventure. In appearance everything is like “head” as we like it.

It’s not exactly a system of missions to use, but it’s a phenomenal compromise between the narrative aspirations of the game and the sandbox that surprises the cannastic surprises. Quiz should not, because it was warned by active and passive that it was an open world game and not that version. The last of us, in which almost everyone insists, but with the command in their hands is very clear: the distances are respectful, to make a hundred meters detour to some bandits on the back Surprisingly, running in a horde of zombies on the road, is a very real possibility, and as soon as the bike leaves To be the exclusive patrimony of kinematics and orchestrated pursuits, its scale is really being respected . There are also surviving camps that function as hubs, with their leaders, their mechanics, their arms stores or municies and even their stalls where they exchange ears of the living dead for status (perhaps the street credit will be a more correct term) ) you need to buy really cool pipes. This may be due to the internalized from a certain speech, but I insist that Days Gone be surprised at his freedom. And as we take the problem, it also makes for a technical department that many similar projects that are not explored with the same magnifying glass and they would like for s.

And when I remember them, the state of decay and other relatives, it’s because the mechanics aren’t that much, despite the huge technical differences. Because if we eliminate the characters, movies and production values ​​from the equation, it remains a survival simulator for those who like to let go of your ass in the air and a few points of integrity on the structure of scratch your motorcycle. every time you get into an awkward way or change your baseball bat in a useless contrast if you exceed it by using it, which usually coincides when you need it. Yet Days Gone is rarely tired and both his craftwork implementation and the aforementioned weapon weakening system is good enough to contribute without impeding. There is a manageable number of basic resources, the wheel of equipment and manufacturing works. In a very similar way to Horizon: Zero Dawn, it only affects melee weapons and we can always rely on a weak but unbreakable knife … survival tight but drowning, and it can Also said for a motorcycle that is more than reasonable to claim fuel and minimal maintenance. In addition, there are, of course, unresolved skills that simplify all of these tasks, because on the mechanical level, Days Gone is the only thing that can be attributed to, a slow revolt, a machine that works perfectly, despite the fact that It consists of pieces we’ve already seen a thousand times


Rejecting survival in s, the major mechanical innovations come from the hands of our head (not just homo homini lupus and all the enemies), a horde of contaminants that we cannot tell at the moment. And not for lack of desire, because the engine that drives that crowd and obscures the boundary between the individual and the particle must clearly be the franchise player in the technological game of the rest in the one. to a little more wise than good manners. The shootings are good, but they do not kill alone, and much of the blame is on an artificial intelligence that does not take much color when it comes to people who cannot intentionally erotic behavior as an excuse. not used. It is therefore impossible to make uncontrolled girls shine, but according to the first hour of the game we can only certify that they exist, and that they see a valley from a relatively safe position, & # 39 make a valley of their own. We’ve experimented with smaller versions, with groups of ten or fifteen enemies who decide to drive us as a unit if we go with the motorcycle or after a very loud noise and the result is the expected : Alone, they’re a ridiculous opponent, but don’t let them surround you.

With all these things on the table we left, honestly is a good game. Not a breaker, not a revolution, but an exercise that is more than right and even says that another monster of maturity is sufficient adult, equipped with tools to find new people every time you want to tell something else. I think it’s the law of life, and every time we see more products than: solid, satisfying, gender. Stories that just claim their right to exist outside the sphere of masterpieces. There will be those who insist on confusing it with mediocrity, and therefore I want to remember the little boy in the shorts and the backpack. Whoever does not stand out at first sight does not necessarily have to be one of the masses.

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