Online gaming communities: an opportunity to make friends

For this reason, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other sites strengthen independent platforms They download video games so that different stakeholders can switch from computer, laptop or smart phone to traditional games that have delighted children, youth and adults over the centuries.

Some of these are dedicated to web pages classic and traditional table games such as dominoes, parchis, chess, cross lyrics, bingo, poker, Among other things, so that millions of cube nutrients can meet and extract a bit of the daily routine of work or study, reaching entertainment with new friends and having a fun time.

Where can you find web pages of this style?

On the internet there are several online games of games, I don't stop anything like that FR9, aimed at entertaining and entertaining online users and creating communities of friends. These web pages have over 20 games of different categories, as there are games of chance and pride according to the user's taste.

finally, To play and make friends, FR9 invites users To complete a form, quickly, simply without complications, just place the user, password, email and click on the "register for free" space so you can enjoy the variety of games right on the page is presented. .

What are the slides and game tickets?

The slides in online games they are virtual currencies that have the goal of winning places in the position because they allow the user to move up as they win games to other players. On the other hand, the slides will serve to enter any game on the page and help other friends of the gambling community.

Meanwhile, the ticket is FR9's virtual currency that allows you to to the player to adjust the avatar aspect, because you can get accessories and clothes to decorate the avatar in millions of possible shapes and combinations.

What are the benefits of an online game page?

There are many benefits to the friends' community online games Because apart from lots of fun and relaxation to reduce stress, you can share with many people who don't know each other physically, but virtually. Among the benefits of registering as a FR9 user is:

Free registration for any individual from any country.

  1. Different payment methods to get chips, depending on the country where the user is located.
  2. Gift of daily slides if the player runs out of them for some reason.
  3. Record the prizes and slides awarded to users who accumulate more tickets or tokens.
  4. More than 20 games available according to the user's interest and skill.
  5. Real time friends sharing and having fun without stopping.
  6. Private, general and table chats.
  7. Protecting the player from another user & # 39; s inappropriate language according to company policies or privacy policies.
  8. Club Vip for the best avatars and users with the best position
  9. The best games to have fun

the domino It's a very popular game in the community because it involves at least 4 people communicating with each other. The aim of the game is to place all the pieces on the table in front of the opponents and take the points of the other users who did not put the chips. It can be played individually or in pairs, and the game ends when the number of points indicated is reached.

the dominoes rules They are:

  1. Each player receives 7 pieces.
  2. In the first exit the highest card is placed, in this case the double 6.
  3. Then it comes out the opposite of the clock's hands, this player will take the hand or the round.
  4. The one who puts all the chips before the opponents win.
  5. If the match does not end with a close, fast or bar, because none of the players managed to place the 7 slides, the pair or the individual will win with the least points.

Some recommendations to win the games are:

  1. The player or partner who started out always has an advantage.
  2. You have to find out which numbers the opponents should not succeed and win once more.
  3. To play at the time of shift to not do so, the system will place the card.
  4. Respecting the partner's game, is an excellent technique.
  5. The double tiles should be placed as soon as possible because they will not be played later and they will accumulate double points.

The domino It's a great game to play and make friends, as it is said to be a couple. The FR9 platform is the most popular at any time, with hundreds of online players. It's always possible to find a partner and competitors.

Also card games

the Free Poker It's a strategic and extremely complex game. Each player receives 2 cards and 5 open cards are placed in the center of the table. Each player will try to combine the cards as well as possible to win.

the Poker rules They are the following:

  1. The button It serves to determine the position of the players, if there is no croupier, who are the card distributors in the casinos. In online games, the cards are dealt with automatically.
  2. The blind This is the mandatory bet that all players have to make, although you can wait until the last moment.
  3. kicker this is the card that can determine the player's victory in a hand, but when there is poker or straight flush, this card will not help much.
  4. finally, The player wins when he has the following combinations: royal coil, straight coil, poker, full, color, ladder trio, double pair, pair, high card.
  5. In summary, the game of Poker can expand the community of friends, as more than 20 people can play in real time while playing a hand.

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