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The theme of the Season 8 of Fortnite It's already known that it's about pirates, but it's for rumors for some time Epic would start something about robot invasion. Although the fortnite news They surprised with more secret caves, maps and treasures.

Season 8 of Fortnite It has been available since February 28 for the PS4, Switch, PC, Mac, Xbox, and compatible mobile platforms. So you can do the update anytime, enjoy the latest features and explore the new map.

When the videogame developer Epic Games, He noted that his income was decreasing with Battle Generous He decided to repeat his card, with a joint mission mechanism. In this season there is new
places, new objects from the pirate theme and a volcano on the island.

What can be expected from the new season? The video game brings many new features and changes as it faces a game that captures the gamer. Fortnite has warned you can win a free battle card by completing a series of challenges. It's a strategy to enchant the players, after the increase and popularity of other free similar games.

The new passport will be free for those who complete 13 challenges in the last stage of season 7 for an extra time. With this free pass you can unlock and access to over 100 exclusive rates. With the paid battle, two hybrid and black patch packs are automatically achieved, to upgrade to unlock other styles.
also Fortnite offers higher quality and stability of servers, Inclusion of guns that can shoot players and bullets, a new vehicle and a better sound to understand more clearly what is happening in the area.
The design has a redevelopment of the island, which is an aspect of the Caribbean Sea of ​​the sixteenth century, to develop after the eruption of a volcano the development of its new themed pirates. .

The island is now new Important areas such as summer steps And calm lagoon, the most recent places, was acquired by the volcano and its lava.

During the season 8, fighters, ninjas and pirates They will gather on the island to find the treasure. These avatars will fight with guns to find a legendary loot.

The best season 8 of Fortnite:
-50 and 50. Return the modality so that two teams of 50 players Stop until just one ear. There is 25% more chance of getting resources.
The boxes regularly come up with more ammunition. Both teams have a bus and come to an island in different areas. The map defines the areas of each team.
– Pirate cannon. This is the powerful weapon of Battle Royale this season. Shoot cannonballs, causing damage to structures. And you can also start
characters can throw every player his avatar and thus travel in a short time great distances.
– Volcanic vents. They can throw the characters or the vehicles with their air blast, so they are careful.
Limited time. There are short distances, for a new way of melee fighting, with bullets and shotguns. The storm is progressing faster in the second part of the game.

-La lava. It can hurt when touched. At that time, the avatar will reflect as if it had burned.
-Groepbywoning. It can be activated before every game, whether it's a weekly or daily challenge. For this, other members of the group should help.

Other changes, improvements, and fixes:

Among other changes to Battle Royale are also adjustments and corrections to the weapons for greater balance in the game. The new season as well make corrections and improvements to current errorsAnd there are aesthetic innovations with new packaging, pets and gestures. These rewards can be retained at the end of the season.

For the creative modality, themes are added, creating new worlds along Battle Royale and the island. A new theme is the Temple of the Jungle, where you can test and place skins. For those who bought the Fortnite modality: Save the world, the equipment review is granted, eight new missions, and each one unlocks a new hero.

In this new version, there is a bookmark mechanism, similar to that of Apex Legends, but not as complete in Fortnite, although it may announce at danger. In it, you can see the data about the distance that exists, the icon and the simplicity of an object. An aspect highly appreciated by its players, who find it difficult to understand themselves when there is no microphone.

In the Save the World mode, you can also see news and improvements, as a new hero group's mechanism. The squadron had before three spaces of support, hero and tactics. For the new squadron, there are seven elements, such as five support group members, a commander and also a squadron advantage.

Now you can mix multiple benefits, and the heroes no longer have static benefits as a whole, but the key point is specific benefits. The appearance is also updated by, for example, adding the lake area. And you can see 8 new heroes, new systems and missions.

In the innovations of creative mode, the main improvements observed for the players are the updates to the voice chat mechanism. Allows you to have an exclusive channel on the island, with which you can choose the player with whom you want to talk outside the teams.

In addition to the new Jungle theme temple, you can choose the time of day on the island. It also includes some troubleshooting and enhancements such as the other modes. To review changes, progress and news, you just have to go to the island and find out.

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