Fortnite Where are the shooting galleries east of Alameda Howling north of Ciudad Comercio and east of the eastern oasis and where to shoot

Fortnite Where are the shooting galleries east of Alameda Howling north of Ciudad Comercio and east of the eastern oasis and where to shoot

find the shooting galleries at different places through the Fortnite card and then Shoot at the targets This is one of those challenges weekly game

Specifically, the shooting galleries you are looking for are at east of Alameda Aullante, north of Ciudad Comercio and east of Oasis Ostentatious:

When you complete it, you will get additional XP that will help you get the rewards season 7. Keep in mind that you have to succeed in accomplishing this challenge.

If you just start playing, we lead with tips and tricks from Fortnite Battle Royale You can be of help.

Where are the Fortnite shooting galleries?

You have to shoot five targets in three shooting galleries to complete this week’s challenge. At a glance they are in these places:

It’s a challenge similar to the shooting galleries of the previous season and the clay pigeons.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a weapon when you land, and there will be a fence to help you.

When you find it, switch it on the ground to start the kitchen challenge. If you do, random targets begin to appear around you. If you don’t shoot one for a while, disappear and the mini game ends. Take the switch and recharge to restart.

If you shoot five successfully, you will have completed that step. The next start when you load the next game.

Remember, you only have to complete the three shooting galleries on the map, but unlike other challenges, you can go back and play in any place once it’s done.

And as with any challenge, even if the game tells you it’s complete, it’s best to complete the card so it really counts.

These are the exact locations of the shooting galleries …

Where is the kitchen shooting east of Alameda Howling

The shooting range east of Alameda Aullante is in the forest itself, near the edge of the cliff.

If you fired on five targets, it’s time to find the shooting range north of Ciudad Comercio.

Where is the shooting range north of Ciudad Comercio

The shooting range north of Ciudad Comercio is in the small forest outside the hills beyond the mentioned spot.

In the middle of the forest there is a camp, which is where you will find the shooting range.

Shoot five targets and you’ll only have the last shooting range east of Oasis Ostentatious.

Where is the shooting range east of Oasis Ostentatious

The last spectacle of shooting is technical northeast from Oasis Ostentatious, again on the border of the map.

If you find it, there will be another crazy twist: the targets will be far away, on the other side of the cliff. This is the first time that has happened in these types of challenges!

Since you have to stay at that stage, you must use a weapon in order to strive from afar. If you need one, go south to the edge of the cliff and arrive at a hut with a few caravans. Usually there are weapons and coffins out there.

If not, venture into Ostentatious Oasis and find your luck. If it does not work, it may be worth it if you first get a gun with a look and then come here in a plane or other way.

The other thing you need to know is that you don’t just have to be exactly, but at least you must hit the center of the target to drop it.

When you’re done, you’ll finish the three shooting galleries.

When you’re done, remember there are others challenges So, to meet this week, play!

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How were the Fortnite shooting galleries in previous seasons?

If you are curious to know how the shooting galleries of previous seasons were, this was their place in Season 6:

Some follow ah, but as you can see, even those in similar positions (such as Alameda Aullante) have changed slightly.

It’s likely that the fire ranges will return in the next few seasons, so who knows what will be useful in the next card change.

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