Analysis of Luigi Mansion

Analysis of Luigi Mansion

I always have a bad feel for buttons that are useless. Or at least not helpful, if it’s helpful to request a stroke of victims or a few pauses with a bottle of solvent. For example, I think of things like the Vanquish smoke button, in that mission that only served to Rime’s lead star to give a little surprise and in the practical completeness of a control scheme, that of The Last Guardian, totally focused on breaking the perverse loop between character and mere tool. I think everyone is right about it because they are not practical, because they work with the unimportant work and because they understand that a machine limited to collecting input and recurring results is condemned to exactly like & # 39; a simple system look. Building a personality implies the departure for the casual (ask Nate and Sully) and therefore I cannot help but every time Luigi, our Luigi, agrees with green tights condemns in the shadow of what may The best example of action and reaction in the medium’s history is, he woke up each time to look for his brother, and I decided to press a button.

I found myself doing it very often, because the house was weighing its own and sometimes I started feeling alone. However, this is a loneliness that usually does not last, and I admit that I am angry from time to time, every time a ghost comes to my back and Luigi has given a jump which makes me lose control of a breach of a second that mom creates by birthright. I understand & nbsp; a mechanics that aims to balance things, make tension, complicate life for players who are inclined to flee and encourage confrontation directly, but I mostly like it all, Again it doesn’t work For nothing: the one who just and again insists Luigi is scared. That’s why I talked again and again in corridors and in dark galleries about the game he understood and told my friend Luigi that he was good, that he controlled the situation and I didn’t want to tell anyone. And that’s why it hurt me a bit personally each time every time the game didn’t understand me and decided to turn that special connection into a contextual button that also meant to by pulling drawers.

This is a problem, which has the ambition and the results, with which this renewal of Luigis Mansion regularly meets. He does this without a doubt in terms of control, a galimatas moving out of his way to be flexible and unfortunately leaves on the road much more rough edges than the aforementioned plurality of action buttons. It’s hard to make it wrong, just as it costs to get angry with Peter Parker when he’s too late for work. Covering too many things is what he has. In this case, we’re talking about a two-digit system, the vertical and the horizontal that it takes its own dual-stick cutter, replacing the pipes with a vacuum cleaner and a flashlight running in & # 39; One second break, suggests the need to aim at different heights to find a spectral mouse or an ectoplasmic hybrid that always occurs in the ceiling, and armed with a reasonably capable analog and that tremendous joke that is the C-Stick of New 3DS. This office option is the only way out, the gyroscope, a slightly more elegant pursuit, but we usually sell. Luigi looks at the lists of the mansion like a horde Shy Guys approaches us to nail fork, and here lies the problem: their weapons are few, of course, but Luigi & # 39; s Mansion insists to complicate things.

An interesting case study is the main tool, the flashlight we have to use to dazzle the bad guys and leave their hearts and the vacuum with which we will continue to feel like Bill Murray who faces twenty kilos of green mucus stare. Quickly turn both devices off to get a new tenant for our collection of pictures that store our hunting items, as I see it necessary, and so call attention that both systems are so much dependent on a modifier in button B which literally works inversely, and I swear I’m not sheep: with the flashlight in my hand, the most common situation and the standard that Luigi accepts to run the house, the left stick It controls & # 39, a free movement in 360 degrees, and by holding B, we move to a “strafe” mode in which lateral movement moves, which opens the gyroscope to lift up and down. However, when the vacuum is removed to run, the punishment is enabled by default and that is the button B that unlocks the 360 ​​degrees. I understand that the survival horror, whether in the Nintendo sweetened interpretation, has always been related to a deliberate coarseness in terms of control, but it may take too long.

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It’s hard to get used to it, but Luigi’s mansion is so engaging and so well-meaning that it invites you to make sacrifices. Over time, you learn to negotiate with him, perhaps because of a sense of rhythm and progression that, as usual at home, knows how to carefully manage learning and discovery, every time & # 39; hide new ghost that just pushes us a little more, or maybe because the environment helps you. I don’t like throwing in topics, but I think it may be without problems at this event that the house is as protagonist as Luigi himself and that it is not just because of a general atmosphere or as a result. of the machiavellies well-planned flow of corridors, locks and coffins with keys (after all, we talk about Nintendo, they are not exactly new to it and they were not in 2001), but because of that special mime that shows it personality must be in every room.

As of course, we find a few baths, a dining room and a treacherous basement where it can touch with certainty, but even all of these common places are soon engraved in our memory by details, systems that drip a few motifs or shower curtains that can move. It’s important to play with every piece of furniture, experiment with what we can or can’t do, and progress like a ghost to a ghost and puzzle to the puzzle, after a string Observatories, music classrooms or mirror rooms that have the same type of work character that resides in a Resident Evil or the other reference that should not be mentioned. And it is important that this is so, because the memory is also mechanical and it is necessary to refer to each room by name so that the mental map begins to form. Therefore, no one refers to Anor Londo as the place in the castles.

Undoubtedly, the tenants help, because in the best tradition of Zelda, every room is a new puzzle and usually has to eliminate the ghost or the enamored butler wandering around the halls. In general, they do not assume an important headache, because Luigis Mansion is a light and friendly challenge that nevertheless includes enough cario in this casual protagonist so that the alternative way to measure us again with our favorites , make sense. To set aside a functional co-operative, but it doesn’t fit the environment of the whole game well, it is one of the most important resources the new port finds to justify, having an experience about can be completed six or eight hours. in itself, it would seem to be perfect if it wasn’t, because part of that chronometer clashes ahead with the same problem of ambition and results.

With something more than a playable game, which relieves its reach beyond the stupid afternoon by the roughest trick in the book. A Trick who also ignores, said everything about progress, discovery and personality and replaced it with many interchangeable ghosts, up to fifty clones of the same Boo, who, despite their funny names and the correctness of the translation, no longer served than some of the drapes in the drawers and basins are waiting for a detector to lift and we can add another notch to the rudder. It sounds problematic and it feels even more when a door closes and someone notifies us that the next chapter is twenty or forty. When the tap closes the novelties, it becomes foolish and crazy when it touches the rooms, to see if the whistle sounds, when the rooms are so blurred by them and when the first care is given to the routine and times in a hurry. They are rows that I almost forgot, because Luigi’s mansion is still as immortal as all the good ideas and good times by winning a landslide, but I know that while I was involved in the absurd search , I didn’t click X once. Or at least not worth it.

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